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8th August 2019

SME investments hailed as tonic for market volatility

PRIVATE equity investments into UK-based small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been highlighted as a potential cure for market volatility

6th August 2019

How do founders select the 'right' investor for their business?

For entrepreneurs to be able to find the ‘right’ investors, and vice versa for funders to select the ‘right’ founders is still very important  aspect of angel investing.  In this piece, Peter Cowley from The Invested Investor tries to describe the characteristics of the right investor.

2nd August 2019

Electric car models in the European market set to more than triple within the next three years


Commenting on the number of electric car models in the European market set to more than triple within the next three years, Harry Merrison, Investment Manager at Kingswood, said: “Currently, around the globe, less than one per cent of vehicles are fully electric, which represents a significant growth opportunity given the inevitability of the technology’s future monopoly. The announcement today from Transport & Environment (T&E) on how the number of electric car models on sale in Europe is forecast to more than triple by 2021 is significant. The future of driving is very much electric, we are witnessing the phasing out of automotive internal combustion engines.”


29th July 2019

Equity Crowdfunding: silly valuations or a fair price for investment?


In his latest article for AngelNews, James Murdoch considers the challenges that Equity Crowdfunding investors face when trying to ascertain what represents a 'good valuation' for prospective investments.


18th July 2019

START-UP SPOTLIGHT with Knowledge Transfer Network's Ian Tracey

This month’s Start-up Spotlight features an interview with Head of Access to Funding and Finance at the Knowledge Transfer Network, Ian Tracey.

11th July 2019

Funding London interviews Peter Briffett of Wagestream

Peter Briffett is a serial entrepreneur with a difference. Not only did he lead multiple high growth global businesses, he is the first person in the UK who leads a fintech start-up, Wagestream, with social impact in mind. Not surprisingly, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos backed his start-up, which aims to put an end to the payday poverty cycle by letting employees access their wages early. His mission is to end the 'payday poverty cycle' that has let the likes of Wonga and QuickQuid flourish in recent years.

5th July 2019

Working in partnership to deliver innovative funding solutions


Will Mason, from business finance consultants Liquidity Club, outlines how companies should remember to examine the structure of any funding they take on and how it impacts the day-to-day running of the company.


4th July 2019

TIming is key when it comes to successful angel investing

As an angel looking to invest, what are the timing considerations? We all know that the successful start-up to exit journey is most dependent on the founders but that there are many additional important factors such as sufficient capital, successful technology, competition and an element of luck?Peter Cowley from The Invested Investor investigates....

26th June 2019

Moving on: life after being the CEO

After stepping down as CEO of the company he founded after 13 years at the helm, Sukhendu Pal discusses the ups and downs that entrepreneur founders can face when moving on from their role as CEO.

24th June 2019

We, Equity Crowdfunding Shareholders, are Owners too!

In his latest article, James Murdoch discusses the importance of regular company reporting and post investment communication for equity crowdfunding investors.

21st June 2019

Why Crowdfunding is the New Business Loan

In recent years, Alternative Finance funding channels that exist outside of the traditional finance system have revolutionised how small and medium enterprises are able to operate. The rapid growth of the Alternative Finance industry, in areas such as Crowdfunding, is making it increasingly less ‘alternative’, but where is this development seen the most? 

21st June 2019

How to make crowdfunding work in Europe

If the crowdfunding market in Europe is to continue to develop, it needs an EU-wide framework, says Jörg Rocholl, President and Professor of Finance at ESMT Berlin.

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