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12th December 2018

Investing is a team sport,’ says serial investor Bridget Connell

In its latest interview Invested Investor talks to Bridget Connellan Invested Investor who started investing four years ago and has completed five deals since. Bridget previously worked in technology, so she supports tech startups and mentors female investors and entrepreneurs through the syndicate Angel Academe. Bridget is a strong believer in the importance of  due diligence when working on a project; she stays close to each company she works with and supports them by drawing other investors close as well. She talks here about her desire to see more diversity in the investment world and is a strong champion for ‘Women in Investments’.   

11th December 2018

eMoov learned the hard way what it costs to win
Emoov has gone into administration and the assets may be sold by the administrator soon so that existing property vendors and the staff may be ok – time will tell. Shareholders like Episode 1 have lost 100% of the money invested.

The demise of online estate agency eMoov is a cautionary tale of how difficult it is to succeed in a ruthlessly competitive B2C market, even when making what appear to be all the right moves.

It wasn’t lack of a great product that caused eMoov to fold. Nor was it strategic or management mistakes. And it certainly wasn’t because the company lacked good leadership. In Russell Quirk, eMoov had an excellent CEO who did a great job building the business to become one of the UK’s biggest hybrid estate agents. He also hired an impressive C level team with experience from Just Eat, BookaTable and Groupon.

So, if it wasn’t any of those things, what did go wrong?

11th December 2018

Does a more challenging period lie ahead for credit investors?

David Absolon, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management, looks ahead and assesses the market for credit investors.

11th December 2018

Investing in Computing Architecture – Part II

Eva Rez from Episode 1 gives her explores Investing in Computing Architecture in the second part of this series.

6th December 2018

Investing in Computing Architecture: viewpoint from Episode 1

Episode 1's Eva Rez gives her insight into the opportunities and challenges around investing in Computing Architecture.

28th November 2018

Brexit and Small Business

Sunday's announcement that EU leaders have agreed to the draft Brexit deal, brought forward by Theresa May, puts us one step closer to the end of the road. 

27th November 2018

Japanese equities: A sleeping giant slowly awakes

Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Global investors have had a love-hate relationship with Japan for many years. Effectively ignored for two decades since the bubble years of the late 1980s (with some short bursts of enthusiasm in between), the arrival of Shinzo Abe as prime minister in 2012 kindled hopes that this sleeping giant would find its feet, and help unlock the latent potential of its corporate and consumer sectors.


26th November 2018

Government's SME action plan; what is it? UKBAA comments

HM Treasury has announced an action plan to increase the growth for UK SME's by aiming to spend £1 in every £3 with SMEs, directly or through the supply chain, by 2022, meaning that 33% of all money spent should go to SMEs. It is important to highlight that this action is aimed at breaking down barriers for SME's who want to supply the public sector. 

20th November 2018

Exponential growth is the venture-sized opportunity

By Damien Lane, Episode 1 Ventures

A lot of founders that pitch to us miss a fundamental point of venture funding – VCs are all about trying to find really big outcomes. They want to discover the startups that will grow into 200million, 300million, 500million, billion dollar companies. Such companies are – to borrow a phrase from current political discourse – the few, not the many. 

And so, as a founder, perhaps the most important part of the pitching process is convincing the investor that there is a chance that the idea you’ve got, the business you’re running, can get to that size. That’s difficult, especially as you might not yet have any revenues to speak of. But some entrepreneurs we see don’t talk at all about how big the opportunity could be.

20th November 2018

Brexit comment from UKBAA head

Comment from UKBAA's Jenny Tooth

As of this week, the UK has been placed on the world's centre stage as Parliament discusses whether to agree upon the proposed Brexit deal. Succeeding resignations of key cabinet ministers, the pound has dropped and shares in UK companies have been negatively impacted. Whilst this can be expected in times of political uncertainty, it is important to question if UK SMEs are prepared for Brexit - whatever the end result.

19th November 2018

Rethinking Venture Capital: A new perspective

By Belinda Thomas, Triple Point

Making the journey from start-up to scale up can be one of the most precarious and unpredictable times in the life of any firm.  Causes of failure are plenty, but research indicates there are three major factors that account for forty percent of early-stage business failures.

16th November 2018

We won’t know if the Brexit deal is good, bad or ugly for another 10 years

We won’t know if the Brexit deal is good, bad or ugly for another 10 years.  If you’re serious about creating, building and safeguarding wealth in the next decade, you need to consider global opportunities.

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