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16th October 2018

 Why being lean is more attractive to potential investors

Gianluca Bisceglie, founder and CEO of Visyond, discusses why a lean startup model can help attract investment.

15th October 2018

Interview with serial angel Dr Steve Garnett

Dr Steve Garnett, the angel investor behind Fairsail which was sold last year to The Sage Group for $150 million, shares his experiences of angel investing, with Funding London.  

15th October 2018

Investing in SEIS?  Some dos and don’ts

By Martin Sherwood, Enterprise Investment Partners

If you are considering investing in the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) this year, here are a few tips to bear in mind. The tax benefits of SEIS are very attractive, but there are a few pitfalls you need to avoid.

11th October 2018

Dealer’s choice: An early look at Brexit outcomes

By Graham Bishop is Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management, 

With only a few weeks of initial negotiations remaining, some form of exit deal between the UK and the broader EU still appears more likely than no deal at all. However, both scenarios – ‘deal’ and ‘no deal’ – serve as umbrellas for many possible eventualities, and the situation remains extremely fluid.

4th October 2018

Apple deal is the right recognition of Shazam’s magic

By Simon Murdoch, Episode 1

In its acquisition by Apple which closed on the 24th September, it could be said that Shazam has found its spiritual home. The move was announced last December but finally got the all-clear from EU antitrust regulators last week after fears were raised that the deal could harm European competitors to Apple’s streaming music service. But Apple played a crucial role in Shazam’s development as a music recognition app?—?and perhaps in its survival as a business?—?by launching the first iPhone in 2007. This was the point at which consumer electronics caught up with Shazam’s technology that was far ahead of its time.

28th September 2018

Four key trends for small investors in 2019

Thanks to technologies like blockchain, the pace of investment is faster than ever. But with many smaller investors looking for a less volatile alternative to cryptocurrency trading, alternative finance (AF) providers are emerging as a smarter choice for those looking to balance their investments.

26th September 2018

The likely performance of an SEIS portfolio

Martin Sherwood, a partner at Enterprise Investment Partners, highlights the attractions of SEIS investments in light of the recent changes to EIS rules.

26th September 2018

Democratising impact investment for millennials

Oliver Jones from the impact investing platform SeedTribe looks at the issues around making impact investment more accessible to millennials.

24th September 2018

From ethical to impact – a new way of thinking for investors and IFAs

By Belinda Thomas, a Partner at Triple Point, whose recently launched Impact EIS will offer investors a portfolio of fast-growing companies across four key sectors – the environment, health, inequality and children and young people.

24th September 2018

Are you suffering from entrepreneur imposter syndrome?

Entrepreneurs around the UK are opening up about 'imposter syndrome'; feeling like you're failing despite the success of your business, says UKBAA.

21st September 2018

Have the new EIS rules saturated the amount of quality opportunities?

By Christian Elmes, Enterprise Investment Partners

The UK’s tax-efficient investment landscape is constantly evolving, and the past year has seen some significant changes: new rules in the EIS sector, more emphasis on investment-led strategies, and greater scrutiny of investment activity and dealflow.

13th September 2018

Why UK tech is one cause for post-Brexit optimism



As debate rages around how various UK business sectors might react in a post-Brexit world, Andrew Aldridge explains why - throughout the country - the tecnology sector stands out as an obvious area of expertise

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