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26th April 2018

Cryptocurrencies set for another surge in prices. Here’s why

Current market activity indicates that cryptocurrencies are set for “another considerable surge in prices gains” in the near future and Ethereum’s price could reach $2,500 by the end of the year - but investors should exercise caution.

This forecast from Nigel Green, the founder and CEO of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial services organisations, comes after a strong few days in the cryptocurrency markets.

24th April 2018

Equity versus Rewards Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has gone beyond the early adopter stage, meaning most people have now heard of it. A recent survey by TribeFirst suggests that we are getting close to the stage where more people in the UK have supported a crowdfunding campaign than haven’t. The survey, completed by 250 people, showed that 43.8% of the respondents had backed either a charity, rewards or equity crowdfunding campaign.

23rd April 2018

More Thoughts About Data and Things?

Basic economics tells us that markets are efficient when supply and demand are in balance. Too many goods brought to market, and prices fall. Too much demand for scarce supply and prices rise. Although we can appreciate that reality is more complex, it’s easy to believe most real world markets eventually adjust to find an equilibrium where markets clear.

23rd April 2018

Management teams - unchained

Founders fight.  It’s how they fight that matters.  Do they fight like a married couple (staying together), a married couple (wanting a divorce), siblings, in the primary school playground, as in politics or in an apocalyptic environment or even within themselves?  Or do they bottle up and then explode?  Why does this matter? 

23rd April 2018

Beauhurst comment on ICAEW’s Small Business Taskforce manifesto

Beauhurst comments on the ICAEW’s Small Business Taskforce manifesto to government with ten recommendations for things that they believe need to happen in order to keep Britain one of the best countries to start and grow a business in. These recommendations, outlined in the Small Business Manifesto, will be presented to ministers in upcoming meetings with the relevant policy makers over the next few weeks. 

19th April 2018

Achieving more Women in the C-Suite

Erin Platts, Head of Relationship Banking, EMEA at Silicon Valley Bank UK discusses this important issue. 

17th April 2018

Why I sometimes feel like a relationship therapist!

In the latest podcast from The Invested Investor, serial investor Simon Blakey shares his first rate tips from two decades of Angel Investing!

17th April 2018

Edison 2018 earnings forecasts

2018 earnings forecasts, Edison view: “Geopolitics will in our view continue to present headline risk for the rest of the year. The US/China trade détente has broken apart as the US administration addresses the prospect of China challenging for dominance in the world economy.”

16th April 2018

GTM blog series: The Boring GTM Detail That Really Matters

GTM I - The Detail:  What are the individual areas we should think about?

Earlier we set up Why we’re all in Sales – setting out the mind set for thinking about customers and Go-to-Market/GTM – that holistic approach that considers a customer’s experience as first priority.

Now that you’ve got the mind set, here’s the top 6 GTM areas for Seed invested companies to consider:

16th April 2018

EISA publishes 'Brexit vs Deal Flow' report

EISA commissioned a national survey of more than 2000 respondents to uncover how Brexit negotiations are affecting the sentiment of investors towards SME investment in 2018.

16th April 2018

The importance of Knowledge Intensive Companies

Kuber Ventures' Dermot Campbell discusses the growing importance of Knowledge Intensive Companies.

13th April 2018

deVere comments on FCA cryptocurrency review

Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, comments on The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) cryptocurrency review. 

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