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14th August 2018

The secret to successful staff reviews

Stefano Maifreni, Founder of Eggeclerate, discusses why your team is as important to your figures in the early days of a business and reveals some of the secrets to hiring, and keeping, key employees. 

10th August 2018

Time to cheer UK's world-class tax-efficient schemes

While the rumblings and political discontent continues around Brexit and the purported 'turmoil' the UK is in, according to Donald Trump anyway, it is sometimes prudent to take stock of what we're good at and how the rest of the world perceives the UK.


8th August 2018

Invest with your head not your heart


We all want a secure financial future and to be able to fund the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our family.  One way of gaining some control over your financial future is by putting your capital into an investment portfolio. This needs to be implemented correctly and requires staying disciplined though the challenge of the rise and fall of the markets. 


6th August 2018

Nine realistic work perks every employee would love


Free snacks, flexible working hours and paid-for fitness memberships have been named as three of the most realistic job perks business owners can introduce to keep staff happy.  New research by office experts at has revealed the nine work benefits employers could realistically offer which would have the biggest impact on employee morale.


2nd August 2018

How can we make our industry bigger and better asks EISA's Mark Brownridge

EISA's Mark Brownridge outlines his thoughts as to how we could make our industry bigger and better. 

30th July 2018

PIMFA warns on the consequences of a no deal Brexit

Following the fast-moving Brexit developments, PIMFA – the UK’s leading wealth management and financial advice association – has raised concerns on the potential impacts of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit and how it will affect private investors and PIMFA’s member firms.


27th July 2018

London’s Fastest Growing Sectors in 2018

London’s economy has experienced strong growth over the past decade, according to Instant Offices. Their research found the three biggest business segments currently driving London forward are information and communication, financial and insurance, and professional, scientific and technical services.

26th July 2018

HiP Property insight on investing in the Real Estate Market

Property finance platform HiP has released key insights and their expert opinion into what to consider when thinking about real estate investments - focusing around helping owners and investors in a number of ways. HiP tips focus on helping investors identifying the key opportunities to balance the various return options for successful property investments.

24th July 2018

IW Capital CEO encourages AI implementation

IW Capital's Luke Davies comments on PriceWaterhouseCooper's report which states that artificial intelligence will create more jobs than those that are lost through automation.

20th July 2018

Raising investment this summer? How to close before the holiday season

Matthew Rowell, Head of Partnerships at SeedLegals offers some timely advice to companies looking to raise finance before the summer holidays.

Founder frustrations are high in August: You want to drive their business forward - but with your customers, investors and often team otherwise indisposed - it’s incredibly hard work.

20th July 2018

Is it time you diversified your investments?

Christian Elmes, Enterprise Investment Partners, makes the case for diversifying your investment portfolio.

19th July 2018

Multi-asset portfolio favoured as global markets hang in the balance

Investors must move towards diversifying their portfolio in light of tenuous U.S.-China relations, a Brexit deal that stands on the edge of a knife, and a looming shift in global markets, says the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisation.


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