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14th June 2018

Reasons to consider tax-efficient solutions early

When considering tax-efficient investments, advisers and clients should be fully aware that investments are in unquoted stocks which are therefore likely to be high risk and illiquid. Therefore, there is only so much control the adviser and client may have over the investment and timings. However, there are simple steps advisers can take to at least in part attempt to take control of the potential timings, such as when the client may be able to claim any potential tax reliefs and when they ultimately may be able to exit.

13th June 2018

Ten Signs You Need a New Job

Workers that regularly endure the ‘Sunday Afternoon Blues’ and suffer nightmares about their jobs are being warned that it could be time to jump ship and find a new role says

12th June 2018

UK equities: still cautious but seeing opportunities in our home market

Michael Stanes, Investment Director, Heartwood Investment Management, provides Heartwood’s outlook for UK equities.

12th June 2018

Are Investors and Entrepreneurs species ahead of their time?


The Invested Investor, a social enterprise aiming to increase the success rate of early-stage start-ups, recently interviewed two key figures in the investment world. Rajat Malhotra, Managing Partner of Wren Capital and former UKBAA Angel of the Year, and Modwenna Rees-Mogg, the dynamic CEO/Founder of Angel News.

12th June 2018

Mindfulnesstech and my quest for entrepreneurial zen

By Arthur Krebbers

How can you make your mind your biggest entrepreneurial ally? Mindfulness-preneurs are crafting an answer.

They face all the usual startup frustrations.”That idea will never work!” “How can I ever make this profitable?” “Good luck trying to scale that…”

Like you and me, this could drive them to want to bang their heads on the table. But, they should practice what they preach. If they don’t live their zen philosophy, they will probably struggle to build a committed fan base.

11th June 2018

Time to re-educate clients on growth EIS investing

The EIS sector has new rules, a new risk profile and still stands at the start of a new tax year so, believes, Tom Hopkins, now is the time to re-educate clients on growth EIS investing and its associated risks.

11th June 2018

Top 16 Small Business Management Apps 2018

The right business apps can benefit small business tremendously by making work more efficient, teams more aligned and information more organized. Cutting down on tedious and time-consuming tasks can help business owners and theirs staff become more productive and focused, allowing business to grow on solid foundation of good business practices. So what are the 15 must-have business efficiency and productivity apps of 2018? 

8th June 2018

SEC’s cryptocurrencies clarity championed by deVere CEO




The Securities and Exchange Commission’s “steadfast yet proactive approach” on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shows the sector is increasingly mainstream, affirms the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial services organizations.

8th June 2018

EISA comment: Brexit Brain Drain

In June 2016 the Uni.ed Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU). Nine months later, in March 2017, the new Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggered the process by sending an Article 50 notification to Brussels.

7th June 2018

GTM III – What doing it right feels like
By Siobhan Clarke, Episode 1

Over the past 3 blogs, we’ve explained:
  1. Mindset for start-up sales 
  2. Set out the key areas to consider in putting together your first GTM
  3. Outlined how to connect with customers as people

Now we’ll hear from the CEO of one of our Portfolio companies – Aimbrain – on how we worked together on GTM and sales strategy that has transformed the way they engage with their customers. The process has helped the company rethink its approach to the core market for its Biometric Identity Platform.

Here, CEO and co-founder Andrius Sutas explains the impact this has had on the business:

7th June 2018

Ten Reasons to invest in smart cities

EcoMachines Ventures Managing Director, Ilian Iliev gives some compelling reasons why investors should back Smart Cities.

1st June 2018

Interview: Invested Investor meets AngelNews founder Modwenna Rees-Mogg

Modwenna Rees-Mogg has been interviewed in a podcast by Invested Investor Peter Cowley.  This article was originally published on the Invested Investor website and the podcast and article can be found here.

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